Minion Rush Tips and Tricks: Guide to a High Score

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This endless running game is quite a fun and challenging game. Here is a brief guide on how to improve your score and last longer in your minion runs.

Minion Rush Tips

Switching Directions in Mid Air

You can actually switch directions while in the air. This is especially useful when you want to get more bananas in the residential area. It also helps you avoid obstacles ahead of time.

Buying Upgrades ASAP

There are upgrades you can buy that will help you improve your score and also the amount of bananas you collect.

  • Banana Vaccum -┬áThis attracts bananas to you, so you don’t have to chase them.
  • Banana Splitter – Gives double the amount of bananas for a small duration.
  • Freeze Ray – Freezes anything in its path, giving you an obstacle free run for a short duration.
  • Minion Shield – Protects you from dying for a short duration.
  • Gru’s Rocket – Travel a set amount of distance for bonus points.
  • Fluffy Unicorn – Enter a bonus stage and collect more bananas riding the fluffy unicorn
  • Mega Minion – You squash other minion runners for bonus points.

Minion Rush Boss

Get Other Minions over Bananas

Try and get those minions that are running with you. They increase your score multiplier, which will give you more points than a few bananas.

Prolong Boss Battles

If you do not detonate any bombs from the bosses like Meena or Vector, you can run as long as you want in boss battles to give you bonus points.

Look Ahead

This one always gets me. Often times I get distracted at the occasional scream of the minion and I die after crashing to an obstacle or get splashed by water. Always focus on whats coming and not the nice graphics.